Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Artist, Gets First Cover

The first artist on Jay-Z's RocNation label gets his first magazine cover for BRM (Beyond Race Magazine).

R.I.P. Air Man

Most of us have owned at least one of his inventions in a lifetime as Frank Rudy is known as the person responsible for inventing the Nike Air we have grown to love. Aged 84, Rudy passed away in his Californian home on December 13th. He was an avid inventor with 250 patents under his name resulting from his background in aerospace engineer in the military and later on moving across various industries to provide his new ideas.

Nike founder Phil Knight had tried on the prototype sneaker with Air (a cushioning unit filled with pressurized gasses) in 1977 and the rest is history. From then Nike had come to release the Nike Air Tailwind (1979) then Air Force 1 (1982) to the spawning of the 1987 “Revolution” campaign in which Nike Air Max 1 was launched showcasing visible Air for the first time. After this revolution Nike has been synonymous for Air and its comfort as that tradition stays alive.

Nike CEO Mark Parker reflects that “Frank Rudy holds a singular place in the pantheon of Nike innovation” and that “his relentless creativity and focus on solving problems was, in many ways, the template for how Nike pursues performance to this very day.”

Also Rudy was known to be in close contact with doctors in Ohio and New York to fund and help with cancer research which he had dedicated his life to. Frank Rudy will not be forgotten as Nike prepares to launch the “Fresh Air” campaign in 2010.

I'm On A Mac!

"...these turtlenecks ain't cheap..."

Lesson In Style: KG + D-Rose

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Top 10: MC Names

Not in any order.

1) Melachi the Nutcracker (Group Home)
2) Neek the Exotic (Main Source)
3) Ol' Dirty Bastard (Wu-Tang Clan)
4) Jeru the Damaja (Gangstarr)
5) Black Thought (The Roots)
6) Wise Intelligent (Poor Righteous Teachers)
7) Tragedy Khadafi (25 to Life)
8) Lord Have Mercy (Flipmod Squad)
9) Killah Priest (Wu-Tang Clan)
10) Raekwon the Chef (Wu-Tang Clan)

Lyrics Of The Day

International Player's Anthem | Andre 3000 (UGK featuring Outkast)

So I typed a text to this girl I used to see
Saying that I chose this cutie pie with whom I wanna be
And I apologize if this message gets you down
Then I CC every girl that I'd see-see round town
And hate to see y'all frown, but I'd rather see her smiling
Wetness all around me, true, but I'm no island
Peninsula maybe
It makes no sense, I know crazy
Give up all this pussy cat that's in my lap
No looking back
Spaceships don't come equipped with rear view mirrors
They dip as quick as they can
The atmosphere is now ripped
I'm so like a pimp (Pip), I'm glad it's night (Gladys Knight)
Stole the light from the sun
Would not burn me on my bum
When I shoot the moon
High jump the broom
Like a preemie out the womb
My partner yelling "Too soon! Don't do it!
Reconsider! Read some liter-ature on the subject
You sure? Fuck it
You know we got your back like chiroprac-tic
If that bitch do you dirty
We'll wipe her ass out in some detergent
Now hurry hurry
Go on to the altar
I know you ain't a pimp, but pimp remember what I taught ya
Keep your heart, three stacks, keep your heart
Hey keep your heart, three stacks, keep your heart
Man these girls is smart, three stacks, these girls is smart
Play your part... play your part...

Friday, December 18, 2009

$30 Million

A man from Uruguay got a $30 million deal just from this short video he made. There's to much paper out here not to have none!

Just To Keep Things In Perspective

After viewing this, the little things shouldn't matter. Our existence is way bigger than our little worlds we create. Keep your mind open!

OMG!..... That's Right, I Said OMG.

Home designed by Zack|de Vito Architecture in San Francisco called "The Laidley House" Dope!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lyrics Of The Day

Show You How | Jay-Z

Catch up niggas
Damn you fadin' Hov, how you gave 'em that?
Audemars Piguet, with the alligator strap
Sick of y'all niggas with ya now or later raps
Rap about it now, hope you get it later
Do a couple shows, hope you niggas is savin' up
This particular watch be a one of one
That means none before it, none to come
The homie that's rapping be the only one that has it
You ain't heard? I push the six when the fives is out
You can't fight me, in the Porsche I'll box you out
We don't drive X5's we give'em to baby-mama's
Push the big top that shaped like the Kansas Chicken Snack Box
I get it cracking when I'm backing out the garage
A 360 drop Ferrari shutdown Manhattan
Bucket low, like fuck it though
Nights on, daytime, lights on, hell yeah I'm frontin' but you love it though
Nigga I'm a check writer your royalty receiver
Y'all eating off perdiem, on the low like a Cesar
Pay ya taxes, you niggas is hustling backwards
I cop and crash whips, Jay is a bastard
How you want it, my jeans is 300
This ain't Diesel, nigga, these is Evisu
Top is Roc, you know the rest
A big bucket of frozen water on my chest
Get a crate, some crack, and some house slippers
A newspaper, look out boy, and get ya chips up
Or get a gun, a mask, an escape route
Some duck tape, make'em take you to the house...

Pyrex Vision

By Raekwon. NSFW.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009