Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank You Internet!

Just In Case You Forgot

The Real P&J a.k.a. They'll Give You The Business. Who want it!

If Your Not Up On Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce...

Peep game HERE and HERE

Lyrics Of The Day

Uptown | Drake

Yeah... wrong way down a one-way
Women don't get saved 'round me, even on a Sunday
Damn, where I get it from? These niggas always wonder who
Then they meet my pops and tell'em, "Drake is just a younger you"
And shawty wanna party, so don't let yo' girl up out the house
or they'll be shots on TMZ of me giving her mouth-to-mouth..
Now she's famous and the paparazzi starts to shoot her
I drive two black cars, I named 'em Malcolm X and Martin Luther
I don't ever play, but I'm in the game lady
They just use to love, those are tennis games, lady
Have you counting money, going duffle bag crazy
Sipping on Pink Floyd and puffing Wayne Brady
Damn, Whose Line is it Anyways?
I'm in a daze, you been amazed
Y'all seem to be stuck on that beginner stage
I'm on fire, yup I've been a blaze
I got dough to blow, but I wanna blow it right, you look nice
and yo' frame, makes me wanna bowl a strike, well alright
Guess I might, know what? Fuck it, yes I will
I am more than what you bargained for and nothing less than real

Real "G" Sh*t

Pompakour: Parkour with a ladder

No White Boy, But This Is Bad-Ass!

Real life Bat-Pod

Why You Need To Upgrade

Trend Starter

Kanye might be starting a new trend for music artist. Here he is at Twitter headquarters now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Snack Attack Samurai

Hands down the best Doritos commercial ever. Way better than that little black kid slapping the man.

Fall Back LeBron, Chad and TO!

This might be one of the doppest celebrations I've ever seen! Iceland men's soccer team.

Facebook + Kanye West

Kanye performs on top of a table at Facebook Headquarters.


This food scale will tell you how much a portion of food weighs, but also what the nutritional value is of nearly 2,000 foods when they’re placed on its surface. Dope!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NEW: Fabolous

Tonight/Love Come Down

Definition Of Fresh

This dude knows what I'm talking about!


Video Of The Day

Mirror In The Bathroom | The English Beat

Rimowa Cigar Humidor Case

German luxury luggage maker Rimowa, known worldwide for its sleek aluminum cases and unmistakable grooved finishes, is burning things up with a new travel Cigar Humidor case. The humidor features an aluminum shell with Rimowa’s signature grooved surface, while the interior is lined with high quality cedar wood. Thanks to the natural cedar wood’s abilities to absorb and regulate humidity, the wood guarantees a constant climate within the humidor. Cedar wood also positively affects the flavor and supports gestation of the cigars. For those who enjoy puffing on cigars and have an affinity for sleek German design, the stylish silver case is the ideal way to maintain the quality of up to 12 cigars.


Star Sapphire

There are so many things RIGHT with this picture of Blake Lively... I don't even know where to begin? Click image to enlarge and check out the video below of Blake at the 2010 Comic Con International talking about her role in the new Green Lantern film.

NEW: Mac Miller

This is kinda fresh... Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza

LeBron Celebrates His Signing

... with a jersey cake.


Sucker Punch

I hope this won't be a disappointment because it looks really dope!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Texting and Walking Just Became Easier!

Road SMS, an Android app from the Samsung App Store that lets you peer through the camera of your smartphone so you can see what’s coming up while you text. The app uses the built-in camera to project an image of what’s in front of you and put it as a background on the screen while you are texting.

NEW: Rick Ross

Blowin' Money Fast (B.M.F.)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Twerk Team!

I know these are somebodies daughters and maybe even mothers... But GOOD LAWD!!! Can you twerk it for me baby!

Lyrics Of The Day

Fuck What You Heard | Diamond D and the Psychotic Neurotics

I break shit up so just chill, and sit still
I'm not on the pop hop but yo my shit still
Sells like a mother, there's not another
Dark brown brother who grew up undercover
Running game on a dame like Too $hort
I'll smoke an MC like a Newport
Or a Marlboro, or a Salem
It doesn't matter cause I take him and I wail him
Get a rush of the nicotine, battle?
Nigga please, I won't even attempt
But if the crowd thinks he's a worthy opponent
I'll grab the mic and show I own it
Yo bust it, better off if you not sing, God bless the pothead
As I remember what my moms and my pops said
Strive for the best, you gain your respect
Or you can settle for a public assistance check
If you don't want to break your neck
So I said "What the heck?"
People always say "Hey we like the way you make beats"
He doesn't use breakbeats
But I take it in stride and do my work on the inside
Won't fake on the flimside

Although I hit a pound of herbs I'm still nice with the verbs
So fuck what you heard!

Got Me Changing My Expression...

The only good thing about all this LeBron madness is maybe with all this hype Nike will bring back "The LeBrons" characters. "Got me changing my expression, I don't express."

Shout out to Wise LeBron and Nicole Scherzinger!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top 10: Wu-Tang Clan Videos

#1) Can It Be All So Simple

#2) Method Man

#3) The Mystery Of Chessboxing

#4) Incarcerated Scarfaces

#5) Shimmy Shimmy Ya

#6) Bring The Pain

#7) Ice Cream

#8) Triumph

#9) Gravel Pit

#10) Apollo Kids

Honorable Mention:
Dayton 500
Shadow Boxing/4th Chamber
Heaven & Hell
Cross My Heart
House Of Flying Daggers
I Gotcha Back
Brooklyn Zoo

Fashion Figure

Toy Tokyo links up with "The Knocker" AKA Reggieknow! Click HERE for more details.

NEW: Lil' Wayne

Steady Mobbin' featuring Gucci Mane

Rare Air


Friday, July 2, 2010

First iPhone 4 Music Video

This music video was shot on a iPhone 4. Song by Flakjakt called "Cascades" it took 2 days to make.

I Had A Dream Last Night...

... and it went a little something like this! Kim got waxed! Get it! "Waxed" at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Two Double K's!! That's a grown man's dream.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Look At Those Low Rates...

If you lived in Chicago during the 90's you've had to have seen this commercial! The worst commercial ever, but you watched it every time it came on. Shout out to the 312, 773 and 708!


NEW: Big Boi

Follow Us featuring Vonnegutt

Are You Serious!

Ferrari 612 GTO concept. There's not a women in the world that could say "no" to getting in this car!

Video Of The Day

Batdance | Prince

Jurassic Snack

With all our technology, if dinosaurs were alive today would they be eating us... or would we be eating them?!


Damn You Keith Britton!

Zoe Saldana got snatched up. She's engaged. What the hell is going on! All my women keep getting taken?! You know the drill... All a brother would of needed was 15 minutes and she would of fell in love wit a nigga!

Damn You Miles Austin!

Dallas Cowboys wide out Austin is smashing Double K now! When can I get my turn?!