Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Feet Never Touch The Concrete...

Jay-Z and Beyonce's $40 million superyacht they're renting for $370,000 a week while they're cruising the French Riviera on vacation. Must be nice...

A Must Have For Every Homeless Person

Bufalino by German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns "is a small camper which is equipped to meet the basic needs of one person." Based on the classic three-wheeled Piaggio Ape. It has a bed, two seating units, a cooking zone, a basin, storage space, a water tank and a refrigerator, and its back door also functions as a space for drying clothes.


Friday, August 13, 2010

NEW: The Cool Kids

Gold Links

When Times Were Better

My favorite Saturday morning cartoons. A big bowl of cereal, while laying under the covers and my favorite cartoons on... That's all I needed. Now look at me...


Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids


Tom and Jerry


The Real Ghostbusters



Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

Garfield and Friends

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

The Bug Bunny/Road Runner Show

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Birdman aka Baby gets his new Bugatti dropped off. Rich ass bastard!


Urban Legend

Nike Air Force 1: Anatomy of an Urban Legend (Trailer)

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

This video is crazy! There's no sound, but obviously the women didn't like the service she was getting at the window. LOL at the very end when the employee serves the next customer like nothing happened.

Dolce & Gabbana Pumps + Python

Imagine your extremely sexy Mediterranean girlfriend in a pair of these!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 Things Guys Waste Money On

Are you sitting at home at the end of every month wondering how you blew your entire paycheck again? All you did was eat, sleep, and drink insane amounts of alcohol so there’s really no explanation for where all your money went. Or is there? Guys, just like you, are wasting your money on stupid things every single day. Try to just cut one of these out of your life and you’ll be able to actually put a few dollars into some kind of savings account.

1. Porn – There is so much free porn out there that there is absolutely no good reason to pay for it, yet, we all do. Are we paying for convenience? So we don’t have to search through the mountains of free images and videos to get the one with the ___ doing ____ to a ____ with a _____ ? Convenience is nice, but it also isn’t cheap.

2. Gadgets – Do we really need all these electronics? Yes. undoubtedly we, as guys, need to have the latest fanciest shiniest fastest coolest thingie doohikie with the hugest hard drive. Even though the previous model is now only 6 months old and costs about one quarter of what the new one does, we still spend the dough we really can’t afford to spend on the item we really don’t need to have. Sigh.

3. Phone Service - Whether it be cell or land line, 90% of us are paying too much. Want to test that theory? Call up your phone and ask to cancel service because it’s too expensive. Nine times out ten you will suddenly become “eligible” for some super new low rate program. Coincidence? Yah, sure it is. And my name is Hugh Hefner.

4. Fast Food – The super huge meal deal may seem cheap, but in truth it is hugely expensive. And not just because it costs more than it would cost to make the same meal at home. It will also clog your arteries, raise your risk of heart attack, shorten your life expectancy, and cost you buckets of cash in medical pills (cholesterol meds aren’t cheap).

5. Booze – We all know we spend way too much on booze. It really isn’t an option though, so we just accept this one.

6. Late fees, over-draft fees – Pay your freaking bills on time! And don’t mess with your bank! They will charge you a fee anything they can think of, and they are creative. So watch your bank statements and question extra fees. Often times you can get them removed if you fight it. If you can’t, think seriously about changing banks. Also be sure to tell them you are doing so.

7. Strip clubs – Okay, this one may seem like a requirement too, just like item #5, but come on guys, do you really need to stuff a dollar bill in the g-string every time she looks at you? What does it really matter if she is looking at you or the guy next to you? Your view is pretty much the same either way. Save your money and spend it on your girlfriend. She, after all, can legally have sex with you after receiving it.

8. TV – Like cell phones and bank charges, cost of TV is extremely inflated. And why the hell do you need thirty channels of ESPN? Not to mention the twenty channels of home shopping and 15 channels of “news.” Look at your options with the TV company and ask yourself what you really need. Chances are you can trim down the service and get exactly what you want, for a lot less.

9. Collectibles – Human beings have a tendency to hoard. This habit is nowhere so perversely displayed as with the millions of idiotic items we collect: baseball cards? beer bottles? trinkets? Porn? okay, porn doesn’t count, but you get the point. You are not going to be happier simply because you have 500 collectible Budweiser trinkets hanging on your wall. Try selling it on eBay to some other loser who thinks it will make him happy.

10. New Car – We love getting in a brand new car that is all ours. It’s a great feeling. It’s also a feeling that lasts about 20 minutes and costs you 5-10 thousand dollars. Is it worth it? Hell no. Just think about all the kinky stuff your girlfriend will do to you if you spent that on her.


If Nike + Doritos Had A Baby...

Japanese Doritos. Why don't we have these in America!!! Click HERE to see "Grilled Basil Chicken" Doritos!