Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top 10: My Favorite Air Jordan's

In order from favorite to least.










Give Me Back Those Keys!

Some dummy test driving a Bugatti Veyron ($1.25 Million) backs into a car as he pulls-out from Chicago's Bentley Gold Coast dealership.  Will was this the dealership we went to that one time?  

Somebody Please Stop These Niggas!

What Were You Thinking Stedman Graham!

Stedman should have been knocked up Oprah by now! Her paper is about to get even longer with her new network!

Green = Cool

Coming to a store near you!   Scott's tube-free toilet paper to reduce waste.   Now when you wipe your ass, you can help the environment at the same time.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The Time Is Now featuring Sadat X (Produced by Diamond D)

Chicago Anthem: "We Can Do It Now"

True Story

This guy's story: "I met both Carl Page and Larry Page at a party hosted by a Stanford friend of mine in 1998. Carl gave me his card for eGroups and said “we’re hiring”. Larry gave me his card for Google—a flimsy bit of paper obviously printed by bubble jet—and said “we’re hiring”. I said, “Nah, who needs another search engine?” and went to graduate school. I still have the card.

Now I don't feel so bad about all the dumb decisions I made in life.


Definition Of Fresh

Jimmy, Al and Torio. Greek Town is now there's! Shout out to Chi-Town!

How To Tell Time Without A Watch

Next time you’re stuck in deepest darkest desert without a watch to your name, grab a stick (or a thin person).

1.  Drive a stick into the ground and periodically mark the tip of the shadow cast by the stick. The shadow will shrink towards midday and lengthen again after midday, so this will tell you roughly when noon (12pm) is. Adjusting this to suit daylight saving E.g. If daylight saving is +1hr, the time is approximately 13:00.

2.  The sun travels from east to west; so by looking at the series of marks you have made you can determine the E-W line. From this you can find North and South by standing so that West is to your left.

3.  To find the time, stand facing north if you’re in the southern hemisphere or alternatively face south if you’re in the northern hemisphere. The sun will be moving from your left to your right if you’re in the southern hemisphere or from right to left if you’re in the northern hemisphere.

4.  Next you need to know roughly how many hours of daylight there are. This varies, though as a rough guide, winter days are around 10 hours long, summer days are roughly 14 hours and spring/autumn days are roughly 12 hours long.

5. Visualise the arc made by the sun as it travels east to west, starting and ending at the horizon. Divide this arc into segments, taking an equal number of segments for west and east from the centre of the arc. For example, if you know there are 12 hours in the day, divide it into 12 segments, allocating from the centre of the arc, six segments west and six segments east.

If you have a sheet of paper, hold it up in front of you and draw the arc and work out which segment the sun is in. Each segment equates to approximately one hour. By looking at what segment the sun is in and adding on this many hours to the time at high noon, you can fairly accurately estimate the current time.


The Greatest "Ankle-Break" In Basketball History!

I remember watching this game live and standing up out of my seat when he crossed Jeff over, and I didn't sit down for the rest of the half.

It's Got To Start Somewhere...

At some point in the future, we're going to look back on this time in history and say... "What! Pot wasn't legal?" Just like we say, "What! Women and Blacks couldn't vote?"

What Should You Do LeBron?... Dunk On Everybody!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MJ Sells MC

Michael Jordan bought a 2007 Mercedes McLaren SLR 722 and is selling it after only driving it 962 miles.  The McLaren can be yours for $430,000 on eBay.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lyrics Of The Day

Frustrated Nigga | Jeru the Damaja 
It's the educated field nigga, trained in guerrilla
Warfare plus equipped wit mental hardware
Manifesting organizational skills
Cuz organizational skills kills more devils than bullets
Pull it, the psychological trigger and be a real nigga
Happy as a runaway slave in the jungle
The concrete jungle, here's your scars weary, here's your arms don't fear 'em
But you might die if you bail against the system
Another nigga caught up in the system
To amend my invisible chains and deviate from the system
No longer shall I be a victim
Victimized, circumcised by the lies of the system
It's equivalent to being nonexistent
I used to be a pawn in the game
Now I change my position, I'm making moves
Beware of the frustrated nigga
Know what I'm saying

Ride the pale horse, triumphantly
Put a saddle on his back, take him to hell and back
You can take a nigga out the jungle
But you can't take the jungle out the cat
Black cats, brown cats, all types of cats
Mental fusion, it's no illusion, or delusion
Of grandeur but the way we were
And will be and ever shall be
Eternally but you mask my present existence
In ignorance, mock my appearance
Yet yearn for my essence, steal my lessons
So I reeducate, unlearn what
Was taught, hold down the fort
Each one teach one, now I got support
We don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn
Down to the ground
America, America, the beautiful thoughts
From a frustrated nigga
You know what I'm saying

Systematic, destruction of the original man
Drugs by nigga on nigga
Cocaine, morphine, nicotine
The evil of men run through my bloodstream
And the blood of kings runs through my bloodstream
This dignified bastard
Hazardous to the health of America
Black rebel in your area
Psychoanalyze this
Then send your forces cuz now we mean business
You should now bear witness to a new brand of nigga
This nigga is smarter than the nigga of time's past
This nigga is the nigga of the future
This nigga will emancipate himself from the title of nigga
And restore his title as king
So beware, beware, beware, beware
The frustrated nigga 

She's Baaaack!!!

So much for being moral... Do what pays ya!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

World’s Biggest Private Residence

Marking the end of seven years of construction work, India's richest man is planning a housewarming party for his 27-story palatial new home in Mumbai, replete with no fewer than three helipads and an air-traffic control station on its roof.

The 570-foot-tall glass tower, called Antilia, "features a swimming pool, a health club, a salon and a mini-theatre," reports the Times of India. "The first six levels comprise the garage where more than 160 cars can be parked. Atop the parking lot is Antilia's lobby, which has nine elevators." The house also has a garden that can accommodate trees, according to the Telegraph, and a separate ballroom. About 600 staffers will be required to run Antilia, named after the mythical island in the Atlantic. A Reliance spokesman told the Times the house would cost about $70 million, but the Guardian says it's closer to $1 billion.

Cocktail Ring

From the Limelight collection by Piaget. 18k white gold with 182 diamonds (1.52 carats). The "drink" itself is a 24 carat cushion-cut green tourmaline, with a 3 carat citrine stone cut to look like a lime - covered with a white gold and tsavorite "peel.' The "mint leaves" are emeralds. You give a girl this ring and it should be whatever goes!

NEW: Travis Barker

Jump Down featuring The Cool Kids (in 3D)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bright Future

"What's Up Ironman!"

You gotta love black mothers!

Weekend In Miami + American Apparel Shoot

Pharrell's lifestyle isn't fair...

The Highest Paid Athlete Of All-Time

Gaius Appuleius Diocles was a chariot driver in the second century in ancient Rome. He earned the sum of 35,863,120 sesterces which in today’s money amounts to roughly $15 Billion! He was born in Lusitania which is Portugal today and was most likely a slave who bought his freedom by being good at racing. He won 1,462 of his 4,257 races and finished second 861 times. If anyone has ever seen the movie Ben Hur you will know how violent this sport was, there were no real rules and it was full contact, just get to the finish line first.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Money & Power

First you get the...

Then you get the...


If Your Not Watching Boardwalk Empire, Your Not Gangsta!

Last nights episode didn't leave much to the imagination... Between KKK leaders getting fingers chopped off and beautiful women getting sliced in the face like deli meat. Boardwalk Empire is quickly becoming my next Soprano's and Wire.  And the clothes ain't bad either.

Words Of Wisdom From Rosa Acosta



Rosario Dawson for German GQ.