Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Million, Two Million, Three Million, Four...

How many millionaires are there in the world today? It depends on what you mean by "millionaire". The Economist reports that there are two different "official" methods for determining who makes the cut. Capegemini, a financial consultancy, defines a millionaire as anyone with investable assets of $1 million or more – meaning that they actually have over a million dollars as that doesn't include the home in which they live, for instance. By this measure there are about 10 million millionaires on the planet, according to Capegemini and Merrill Lynch. Mega bank Credit Suisse uses a different definition, however, denoting anyone whose net assets exceed $1 million a millionaire. In those terms, there are 24.2 million millionaires on the planet – about 0.5% of the world's adult population, or more than the entire population of Australia. 41% of them live in the U.S., 10% in Japan and 3% in China.

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Definition Of Fresh

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NBA All-Star Game: The Movie

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

NEW: Chef Raekwon

Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang

Lyrics Of The Day

Jay Electronica

Um boom, bash, dash I had to break, I had to get away
Pack my bags, headed for greyhound and it was a Monday
Time to start my mission, I felt that burning feeling in my soul I had to
listen I had this reoccurring dream from the stage, in a suit with a fade
I had set the game a blaze, and they threw me a parade
I stacked a little change and took my family out the caves
But I was trapped in a maze like a lab rat
And at the bottom of the barrel, where they keep the crabs at
No Geico, no Aflac, nothing to fall back
on But the streets where niggas cussed out the police and sold they're
crack on Better known as back home, where they treat the Arabs, the
Spanish and the Blacks wrong, there he go with that song
You may be tired, but I spit what I'm inspired, from the Lord to the
worlds, cuz the devil is a liar.

Here we go, My style is like a shot of Jack Daniels, a baby grand piano
Lighting a hop, smoking a cig, strumming on a banjo
The son of man's a song of a gun with hella ammo
The sheriff shootin Bob Marley, John J. Rambo
6 sextillion, 19 million, the holy pyramid say we all a lost children
Voodoo for the pilgrims who bring weapons and conceal'em
They're style ?, and then in doctorate the children
Yo Gabba Gabba, Amandine Jaguar
Blow up your apartment if you don't observe the sabath
I look the devil in his eyes, say abracadabra
Then drown him in the mighty light, his brain couldn't fathom
Scrappin every day, just like Fight Club
A Thriller and a Smooth Criminal, just like Mike was.

Happy Valentine's Day!

From me and Adriana Lima... Yes, we're a couple now.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Watch Out For Those Ropes!

No More Killah Tapes...

This kind of makes me sad...

According to the NY Times: Still, for more than two decades the cassette ruled the road. It offered less distortion and higher fidelity than its predecessor, the wobbly eight-track tape, a positively primitive format.

But the cassette’s epitaph was being written with the arrival of the compact disc. The CD, not subject to wear because it was read by a laser beam and had no physical contact with the player, delivered even less distortion, even higher fidelity — and remains the ubiquitous audio source in new cars.

Audio seers say that the CD, too, will eventually fade away. Technology marches on, and automakers are wary of becoming stragglers in that parade.

For now, a variety of high-quality tape decks remain available for self-installation. And should you one day make the leap to a modern digital music player, the files could be accessed through the cassette slot using an adapter readily found in electronics stores.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lyrics Of The Day

Brand New Heavies featuring Master Ace
Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol. 1

Wake Me When I'm Dead

Oh, what a night, yo, that I just been through
I barely made it home from this hip-hop venue
These 2 guys, no 3 guys, no fourth, yo, this posse
Try to fake a move and bumrush me like a Nazi
Underground club where the kids are like rolling
I almost got an avalance dropped on my show and
'Cause I writes the fat raps and kids memorize 'em
I tries 'em this freestyle and boy did I surprise 'em
They said yo, that's too hype, yo, who's he think he is
He suppose to be commercial like that song about the Biz
The kid said "Masta Ace, yo what's the deal wit the switching?"
He's bitching, didn't like the rap I was pitching
You see, he was a rapper wit a single about to drop
His record label told him that he had to make it pop
Take it from me Jack, you're sadly mistaken
Alot of record labels been trying to get the bacon
By making a brother into something he is not and
You're better of and dammer on a farm picking cotton
They mold ya and shape ya, they bend and they twist ya
They get paid like quick fast and that's when they dis ya
So homeboy, you're better off coming from the heart
And letting the kids put your record on the chart
You must use your head and forget what they said
'Cause in about a year you'll be like wake me when I'm dead

Definition Of Fresh

Jean knows the deal.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Black French

Tell your girl to step her manicure game up.  The Black French is killing all these chics!